Friday, 21 June 2013; 5:50 pm
Rabindrapally, Kolkata

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wifey!!

Today we celebrate our 3rd Weddding Anniversary . This morning we went to Dakhineshwar temple along with our sweet doll, our bundle of joy. Papa jee (my Father in law) also accompanied us. We offered prayers to Maa Kali for a happy and fulfilling life. May God give me the strength to keep my sweetheart happy for ever. I Love you sooooooo much Wifey. Thanks so soooo much for gifting our sweet angel, our sweet doll. Love you more. Love you till my last breathe and beyond. 🙂

This evening I am traveling to Malda to meet and celebrate our togetherness with more of my family members. Wishing you all a very Happy and Happening Life.

Bbyee for now! I need to do the packing for my travel.

Narendra Gupta