Mon/Tue, 11/12 Feb 2013; 11:52pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

After a week’s break, I went for workouts today (M70: M5W17D44) doing mild exercises (15 min on Treadmill, 5 min on Cross Trainer, 15 minutes on Push-ups, abs, warm-up and cool-down exercises). All these reveal my excessive obsession for Cardios and Abs exercises. Well, post March I plan to start more of weight training 🙂

Okay this morning I got up early and prepared fresh food for self after a long long time on a working day (another benefit of getting up early discovered) after enjoying the fresh and juicy papaya. I left for office early and made some positive progress in work amidst lots of complications. I informed my Manager at onsite about my Leave plan for next week, in first reply he said in this crucial phase it is not acceptable, when I gave appropriate reasons and offered him support from home, he agreed, with the condition that I should work on both the days of this weekend, to which I readily agreed. Had to. All this to see (and spend some quality time with) my sweet little doll, my angel, my daughter ‘Sanskriti’ whom I had seen last in August when she was born. Comes this 16th, and my baby turns 6 months old.
And Yes, thanks to Flipkart for their fast service for the book I had ordered along with few other stuffs. This is the book I plan to gift my Wife, also it would be my first ever gift to Wifey, after ‘Sanskriti’ was born. The book is called ‘Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter Soul’. Also, with this my wish for reading the chicken soup series books would be met. Today’s spoon of motivation comes from this beautiful book. 
And yes, my sincere apologies for not making my commitment that I had made yesterday. Now, I will post my first ever book review at some convenient time this week. Feeling too tired to work on that giving it a finishing touch….
Calling it a day. 
Good Night Everyone!!