Thursday, 14 March 2013; 9:30pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Margaret Wheatley, an American social scientist, once said “Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes”. Sangita Singh, Global Head for the ‘HealthCare and Life Sciences’ (HLS) vertical of Wipro is a true example. She is an epitome of Women Power, a charismatic lady who enthralls the audience when she speaks, storehouse of energy, enthusiasm and the most tactful women leader I have ever seen live. I had heard a lot about her earlier but could get a glimpse of her only this week, when she visited our ODC along with some top leadership team of Cardinal Health. Although she spoke only for few minutes that day, the aura of her personality sparked everyone and even the customers standing alongside. 
Today, it was All Hands Meet for the HLS vertical. No chance would have been better than this to attend a session by this charismatic lady and learn useful leadership tacts from her. I went to attend the AHM at Sarjapur Campus which is about 25 Kms from EC, only because of her and to little extent understand what is happening in the business at top level. My wish was fulfilled completely. Sangita occupied the stage for the maximum time of the AHM and in the process I learnt so many things from this leader with magnetic persona. I jot down a few here:
1. She encouraged employees on an individual basis.
2. She remembered names of many employees. She called scores of names from the crowd of about 1000 employees. 
3. She encouraged/motivated each of the accounts in the HLS Domain 
4. She was clearly one of the most approachable leaders Wipro has.
5. She used Positive, Powerful, and Motivating words.
6. She asked to give round of applause along with some standing ovations for people who have done extra-ordinarily winning Wipro big deals. 
7. She herself visited Project ODCs where the output was in Red and acted as PDMs (Project Development Manager)
I am sure there are 100s of other points and even more important than the ones mentioned above. These are few which comes to my extremely tired mind which is longing for a good sleep now 🙂
I am proud to have worked under such a Leader. She is definitely someone to emulate.
Good Night !!
Narendra Gupta