Sunday, 16 Dec 2012; 10:40pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
Today, Sanskriti turns 4 months old, hearing her voice over phone make me realize I am missing very special moments of my child. I wish to take my little doll in my lap, talk with her, play with her, wish she pees in my lap and I would be happier like never before. I wish to see her throwing the heavy blanket and quilt kept over her in the cold winter, exercising non-stop and tirelessly.  I wish to go and see my angel, a part of me by the very next train but then recall of the responsibilities at work and stop myself…..
I spent the day in peace with self though wasted considerable amount of time on this 15″ screen surfing over some  websites viz. TOI, FB, Twitter which do not deserve more than 5-10 minutes a day. Enjoyed my leisurely walk this morning and evening.
After 10 continuous days of skipping Gym, I would try to give M-70 a restart tomorrow morning. The past whole week, I had no control over my diets and have gained back some weight again.
Looking forward for the refreshing new week and a marvelous Monday.
Good Night Everyone!
Narendra Gupta
Today’s Act of Kindness: I smiled at strangers during my strolls and received back many more beautiful smiles.