Fri/Sat, 22/23 March 2013; 11:15pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Abhijit Bhaduri ..speaking on the importance of feedback

What a fantastic and enriching day it had been. Wipro’s CHRD (Corporate Human Resources Development) wing conducted leadership day at its Electronic City campus today and Guess What! (I know you know it now, seeing the pic above. You smart people!), none other than the author of 2 MBAs (I mean the Books, ‘Mediocre but Arrogant’, ‘Married but Available’) and his recent book ‘Don’t hire the Best’, noted columnist, yes the Chief Learning Officer of Wipro Corporate (a global organization with 150,000 people) came to grace the occasion. I attended one of his sessions on ‘the importance of feedback in our growth’. His session was useful and some of his real life examples were awe-inspiring. He stated that any kind of constructive feedback is crucial and plays a vital role in the growth of the individual. He inspired the audience to maintain a diary where you can note it down whenever someone gives you feedback. Welcome criticism. Create an environment where someone can easily give you a check (feedback) if something is going wrong with you. To one of the questions on How should we manage victories, he said keep it at heart and accept criticism and keep planning for the development in your head. What did you do that went wrong, how can you improve upon, what would be your action item and so on. You need to work in detail. One of his sentence hooked my mind “Development is always painful” so true…isn’t it. After the session, I tested my Leadership quotient. It contained questions under various Leadership essenatials: Leadership centricity, Grit, people skills etcetra. Well, I had the best of all LQs in GRIT.
In the afternoon, the LIC representative, Rajendra whom I had given appointment to know about various plans impressed with his politeness, acute politeness. He explained the plan with clarity and simplicity.
This evening I went to Gym for the second day (M6W22D53) this week. While M-70 (Phase 1) is approaching its end, I have already started thinking about the second phase where in I will focus on Weights, though my love with cardios will continue systematically. 
Well I am feeling so tired. Its time to give myself a good sleep.
See Ya
Good Night 
Narendra Gupta 
Saturday, 12:10am