Sunday, 21 April 2013; 10:05pm
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Kolkata is at its best weather wise in last one month. Sunny, breezy and it rained heavily in the evening to make it more pleasant and cool. Loving Kolkata, it’s helpful people, it’s peacefulness, its cleanliness and now the weather is lovable too.

This beautiful day of my life which is going to become a history, and which will never repeat again, gifted me with some good experiences and learning. In the evening when security personnel asked to display my ID card, I became angry for a moment. I asked his identity first. The tone of my voice was commanding and a bit arrogant too. Later, when he went away, I realized that he was only doing his duty, in fact he was doing it well. It has to do with security. They work and vow for employee’s security and deserve respect. I introspected and thought that my EGO was the deterrent to my right behavior. False ego, in fact, all ego is false, does no good to your development as a human being. It limits you to live in your own world of false pride. 
Another reason to remember 21st-April-2013 will be: I purchased my new NOKIA 206 handset. It is a simple set which meets all my requirement. Preferred a keypad set, since my previous 8 months old Karbon KT61’s touch pad is working no more and hence the immediate requirement. I called family (with my new phone :)) and encouraged them to be happy and live better lives, helping and lifting up people morally. 
Looking for another exciting opportunity at work this coming week….Wishing you all…ALL THE BEST
Narendra Gupta