Monday, 22 April 2013; 9:43pm
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

It was a slow start to the week. I felt sluggish and a bit dull, skipped the Gym and rested this evening. Good news about the day was that I got my transfer confirmed to Kolkata location for which I had been trying for sometime now. My next task would be to look for some suitable accommodation.
I feel distracted, and at less peace of mind with self for the last 2 days. I introspected on what may be the reason and thought too much of FB and TV might be the reason. This brings me to put forth one important fact here. 
Some of the big time wasters in our daily life and which even puts negative impact on our growth are:
1. Television: Too much of TV is not good for health, puts stress on your eyes and above all, lots of time is wasted without realizing. If you really love watching TV, I recommend 1 hour per day should be the threshold.
2. Facebook: Facebook is another big time waster. It distracts your focus badly. I have been a victim of this. I recommend using FB only for staying in contact with your friends and using it wisely.
3. Newspapers: Newspapers take away lot of our time if we are in habit of reading it. I hardly feel that there is anything so important in it. It’s good to know about whats happening in the world around however it is certainly not a mandatory thing. We must put a check on the time we give to newspaper reading rather I would recommend reading books with some good message and learning (like self help books or some books of your interest). I personally won’t recommend reading novels without any message.
4. Mobile Phones: We spend lot of time on phones without much realizing. Certainly we can control on this. Most of the time we talk things which are not important at all. Its good to spend some time (30 min/day max) but its definitely a bad idea to spend more 30 min to phones.
5. Chatting, Gossiping, Surfing (Internet) on useless stuffs.
Time is the most precious asset we have and must utilize it wisely. Time gone new returns. We cannot afford to let go time in worthless stuffs. Time is more precious than money and all gold and diamonds on earth. The earlier we understand the better it is. 
Wishing you all the Best in utilizing your time most appropriately..
Narendra Gupta