Saturday, 27 April 2013; 11:45pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

This is possibly my last weekend in Bangalore for now. I would be moving to Kolkata next week onwards and for the good. Family is happy and so am I. Albert Einstein has rightly said “Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.” Past 11 years (since 2003) when I left home for higher studies (Engineering), I have been away from family. I now feel strong urge to spend time with my Mom, Dad, my Baby and Wifey (#Family Calling). That is the sole reason for my movement to Kolkata. Excited and Happy!
Today I published my fourth Poem I had written as a teenager. This poem is based on Mothers. You may read it by clicking here माँ . In the evening I went for a walk and gave a pair of clothes to a local tailor for stitching my formal Pants and Shirt. In fact after many many years, I have gone for a tailors stitching for a change. Tomorrow I will be engage in winding up stuffs here in Bangalore. 
That’s it for today. Will catch you all tomorrow with updates for the day. Untill then..
Good Bye and Good Night.
Always Keep Winning.
Narendra Gupta 
28-Apr-13; 12:05am