Monday, 12th Nov 2012;11:00pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Happy Deepavali

                                           दीप एक जलता रहे 

                               पर्व है पुरुषार्थ का, 
                               दीप के दिव्यार्थ का,
                           देहरी पर दीप एक जलता रहे,
                           अंधकार से युद्ध यह चलता रहे,
                        हारेगी हर बार अंधियारे की घोर-कालिमा,
                       जीतेगी जगमग उजियारे की स्वर्ण-लालिमा,
                          दीप ही ज्योति का प्रथम तीर्थ है,
                         कायम रहे इसका अर्थ, वरना व्यर्थ है
                         आशीषों की मधुर छांव इसे दे दीजिए,                                 
                         प्रार्थना-शुभकामना हमारी ले लीजिए!!
                     झिलमिल रोशनी में निवेदित अविरल शुभकामना
                     आस्था के आलोक में आदरयुक्त मंगल भावना !!

The festival of Lights, the festival of ‘diyas’, the festival marking the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after defeating the evil ‘Ravana’, the festival of worshiping ‘Maa Lakshmi’, the Goddess for wealth and prosperity… is here again. This evening I was walking across the crowded streets of Electronic City Market, was quite amazed to see people, rich or poor, everyone busy purchasing stuffs for the festival tomorrow. I was thinking India is such a huge country with billions of people, and everywhere people would be busy in a similar manner preparing for their Diwali celebrations. Diwali is one such festival which is celebrated across the nation and beyond with equal fervor and enthusiasm irrespective of caste, culture, language and region barriers.

I wish all of you a very Safe and Happy Diwali. Yes, Safety should be the first priority. May Maa Lakshmi shower her blessings on us and may each one of us be happy, successful and filled with positive energy. I request you to light more ‘Diyas’ and less or no crackers this Diwali. As a child I used to burst cracker but as I grew older, I started disliking (more apt word would be ‘hating’) Crackers for the sound accompanied with the air pollution it makes. Lighting crackers with less or minimal sound and more lights would be a preferred option.

Having said that, I wind up for today, once again wishing you and your family members ‘A very safe and Happy Deepavali’.
Narendra Gupta