Mon/Tue; 19/20 Nov 2012; 1:45am
Electronic City, Bangalore

I surrendered to the shivering Cold this Monday morning and put-off my plan to go to Gym. Same will happen on Tue morning in few hours from now, so two consecutive days of rest in Week5 of M-70…

Okay, the takeaway from this precious day of Life is the crucial Life lessons I learnt in the Corporate HRD Training program I attended at office today. The training program was titled “Achieving Execution Excellence”. While the Program was well designed, more interactive, involving and fun-filled. In the Outback exposition adventure game, our team performed poorly and was at the bottom of the score table. With the inputs given by Bijal, our facilitator in second half, I could analyze that the area I/we need to improve upon are (1) Proper Analysis Before Execution (2) Goal Clarity (3) Proper and Effective Strategy (4) Task Clarity. The more crucial thing he adverted is to have the Bigger picture in mind. Remember for you to succeed in Project and in Life, If you know the answer to ‘WHY?’ and ‘WHO?, then WHAT? and HOW? would not be difficult to attain. Have a concrete, unique identity of you having that whole big picture always in your mind. Before this Yamini, the first half facilitator in the training was very effective with excellent communication and great accent.

It was the evening ‘Arghya’ day of ‘ Chhath Mahaparva’ when a heartrending incident in Patna took away about 20 precious lives. My deepest condolences to the families of deceased. It is certainly an Ir-repairable loss and any Chhath or Diwali would be woeful and deplorable for the rest of their lives. May the innocent souls rest in peace.

Good Night/Good Morning to Everyone!!