Wednesday, 01 May 2013; 10:45pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Hello Readers and my dear friends! How are you all doing in your lives? Are you helping your friends and people around you live better lives and in the process helping yourself live a worthwhile life. A life just lived for self is an useless life in my eyes. So I really want each one of you to live and lead a life of purpose. 
Its been busy, real busy days. I have been balancing between work and preparing (Packing & Related) stuffs for my shifting to Kolkata. I started the day at 4:00am in the morning. After 2 hours of packing stuffs, I went to book my Railway Tickets under Tatkal scheme. I was amazed to see, I was at number 30  in queue (even though I went at 6am in the morning) and that people were in queue since yesterday evening to ensure they get confirmed tickets. Unfortunately (somewhat expected) I could not get the Tickets confirmed for tomorrow and left the Ticket counter empty handed and on a sad note since it would further delay my Travel to attend my Brother in Law’s marriage. Well! not taking any chances for tomorrow, I have taken help of a Ticket Booking Agent in this regard. God please, please get the tickets booked tomorrow. Friends, please wish me luck on this 🙂
While returning to my house here in Bangalore, purchased mangoes for the first time this season. They were just okay in taste though. After eating those 2 (somewhat) delicious mangoes I did some office work from home and then took one good afternoon snap. After 2 hours of sleeping, I was feeling fresh and energetic. I went for an evening walk and had the evening nasta in one of the south Indian hotels. 
I influenced two lives today. First was my entrepreneur friend Dileep who has started business on his own.  I inspired him to have his Goal written in his Diary or Journal and looking at it frequently. I encouraged him to read through books more and more. I suggested him to read ‘The Now Habit’ by Dr. Neil Fiore and ‘The Leader who had no Title’ by Robin Sharma. I suggest these 2 books to each one of you as well. These are two miraculous books which will do wonders in your lives given you sincerely listen to what is said and act upon it. I got the opportunity to inspire Anand, another neighbor. I urged him to live a meaningful life. I suggested (him) getting up early, exercise regularly, eat quality and on time, read books, avoid distractions, use time wisely, understand that time is more precious than gold and diamonds. He was inspired and thanked me to which my replay was ‘Always a pleasure my friend’
My talk with my landlord and his son made them happy and surprisingly they offered me to return advance amount more than I had expected. Interesting isn’t it? 🙂
On that note I call it a day. Need to give my packing stuffs a final touch. May miss writing tomorrow.
Will see you soon.
Wishing you luck and all the best in your personal and professional lives.
Narendra Gupta