Friday, 26th October 2012; 11:45pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
Getting up early in the morning is a GIFT you present yourself for the day. You get the opportunity to feel the beauty of the morning, the cool and fresh breeze; the chirping of birds, the freshness of air, the rising sun….all these invoke beautiful feelings inside, and of-course you get plenty of time to do more worth-while things. I wonder why I have been missing this all my life. Probably procrastination, attitude and my laziness to get up from bed are the reasons for this.
Yes, Today I gifted myself with the day by waking up early. It was an altogether satisfying day in terms of work and work-out 🙂
Highlight of this day of Life was my small but important achievement in M-70. Reduced my body weight by 3.5 Kg at the end of Week1 work-out. Thanks to some restraint on my fooding habit.  The major challenge that lies ahead is keeping on the same roaster of work-out and selection of food. Cheat meals, laziness to get up early in the morning and go for gym, my excessive love for sweets appears as probable barriers in my goal. Will do best to keep away from all these for a while until it becomes a habit. 
M70: W1D4 – Exercise Set2 by Jack Braniff : Warm Up, Spiderman Press-up (12/12/12), Mountain Climbers (30/30/30), Pull-downs for Chest, Arnold Press (10Kg- 12/10/10), Bent over row (12/10/), Rowing, Treadmill (30 min), Cool down.
That’s all for today
Good Night 🙂
Narendra Gupta
Saturday,27.10.12; 12:08 am