Sunday, 25th Nov 2012; 10:15pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
I started the day with a morning walk, enjoyed the hot tea in the cool breezy morning of Bangalore. Cooked, Slept (in the afternoon), Read (The Now Habit(TNH)), Watched (Some TV programs on youtube), ironed clothes (for tomorrow), and of course called home, and that is how I spent this Sunday which has few more minutes to become history.
As I read through the pages of TNH, I feel as if Dr. Neil Fiore has written the book thinking of me, as if it is my story, of my anxiety, of me being overwhelmed with work and not delivering quality, of me struggling to manage time and self.Yes, this book is a must read for every procrastinator. I am so thankful to Mr. Fiore for his genius research and bringing out all useful information to get rid of this intellectual disease which causes blocks to action, Yes I am referring to ‘Procrastination’.
Penning down some of the marvelous lines from TNH, I came across today:
“If you are working on a long term project, you would need the strategy of a Marathoner and not a sprinter. If you are to maintain a long term productivity you will need to stick to your commitment to schedule guilt-free play and avoid any workaholic tendencies.”                                                                        Dr. Neil Fiore
Good Night to all.
Narendra Gupta