Thu/Fri 25/26 Oct 12;5:05 am
Electronic City, Bangalore

With a completely exhausted body, Slept early in the evening yesterday only to wake up at this time (4:50 am). Yesterday, Did some 35-40 minutes of work-outs which mostly included cardio-vascular exercises (Treadmill and Elliptical trainer). In the first 2-3 weeks would stick to 4 days of work-out per week with 2 days each dedicated to weights and cardios respectively.

It was a sad day yesterday for we Indians with the loss of noted comedian Mr. Jaspal Bhatti. We grew up watching his comedy serials on Doordarshan. His Ulta-Pulta is still vivid in my memories. Rest in Peace the Holy soul. I pray for the speedy recovery of his son and others who got injured in the mishap.

A very Refreshing and Energetic Good Morning to all.

Narendra Gupta.
 5:09 am
P.S: M-70 W1D4: Weights (Exercise Set 2 by Jack)