Thursday, 25 July 2013; 9:50pm
Kestopur, Kolkata, WB.

Another beautiful day of life has passed leaving many beautiful memories. At work I received appreciation from my top management for my leading abilities. I began the day at work attending training session on Time Management by Mr. Raha. He is quite an interesting man working as a Project Manager in one of the accounts here in KDC (Kolkata Developmpent Centre). I am miserable at managing time (actually, self) even at this stage of life. Many a times, I make a mess between the urgent, important, and less important tasks, ending up on missing some of the high priority ones. Once again procrastination has crept in. Well! this training, which I was attending for the second time, was a good one to brush up the time management points. I learnt on how to plan and prioritize tasks, avoid distractions, and what are the best ways of working, although I must say that sometimes we may have to change the plan depending on the circumstance, but that happens once in a while. Let me share some points here for you. 

Key learning on Time Management

Planning and Prioritizing Tasks

1. Get priorities clear and keep them in mind.
2. Plan the day – and stick to the plan (with exception)
3. Set Realistic deadlines.
4. Look ahead to possible problems.

Dealing with People

1. Deal decisively with interruptions. – Know how to say ‘no’
2.Act Assertively
3.Limit phone time
4. See others as source of support.

Ways of Working

1.Do the difficult things first 
2.Cut the Clutter (Crap)
3. Complete one task before going on to the next 
4.Concentrate on the limited number of tasks
4.Build in thinking time 
5. Be conscious of time
Hope you liked the points and are going to implement in your personal lives.
Good Night. Sweet Dreams. Lots and Lots of Love and Warm Wishes to all of you.
Narendra Gupta