Wed/Thu; 16/17 Jan 2013; 1:20am
Electronic City, Bangalore

Wao!! What a hectic day it had been. Thank you GOD for being kind and Gracious. It was a customer visit in our Account (Cardinal Health) and you know what?, I received appreciation from my Senior Management for my endeavors in front of the Client. Andy, from Cardinal congratulated me for my work. I was overwhelmed with his ‘Thank you’ and consider it as the first step towards my Goal of achieving the Best Employee’s Award of 2013 and the likes.
With regards to Mission 70, Today (M4W13D33), I did a few abs exercises along with Cardios (Treadmill, Cycling) shedding approximately 300 Calories. The role of food intake is crucial in this regard, this weekend I would work on preparing my food-chart. There has not been much progress in my weight rather Fat loss in the recent past, I have been steady on the 77.3 Kg mark for last one month now. I can still see lot of flab around my abdomen area which can be shed away. Once again reiterating my words, said many a times earlier – Nothing but Consistency (in workouts) is the key (regards to M-70).
Now I am going to share my favorite Exercise with you all. I prefer it more than anything. Any Guesses??
Yes, it’s RUNNING. Here’s top 15 reasons, Why?, you, I and all of us should run 🙂
Hope you are doing wonderful in your lives, wherever you are..
Best Wishes,
Narendra Gupta