Thu/Fri, 17/18 Jan 2013; 12:00am
Electronic City, Bangalore

I went for workouts, (but) most reluctantly today (M-70: M4W13D34) just to meet this week’s target of 4 workout days. I was feeling lack of energy through out the day. I really need to do something about my protein and other nutrients intake. Friends, any idea on some Good Protein Powder and Whereabouts in Bangalore?? Do write to me. I really need to include that in my diet.

Sometimes I lose my hope, will I be ever able to make it? Why is there no progress in last one month? How much more time will it take to lose that extra layer of flab? ………………….and then I tell to myself, 

Narendra, It takes time, never forget that.

Narendra Gupta