Wed/Thu, 30/31 Jan 2013; 12:01am
Electronic City, Bangalore
This morning I was listening to the audio book  ‘The Leader who had no title’ by Mr. Robin Sharma. It says, you need no title, you need not be in a leadership position to become a LEADER. I was moved listening to the housekeeping lady, one of the characters in the book, who says that her work (Cleaning the floor, other house keeping stuff) is the best work in the world, she adores her work and feels like singing, dancing, she is so happy while doing her work. Even the CEO and the bigger stars look for her and wants to be in her company. She is a true inspiration to the people who keep on complaining about their work. Before doing my Masters (MS in Management), I used to tell my friends, let me become a Manager, then I will lead with zero motivation in the work I was doing. My Fake and utterly False Statements. Lots of lessons for you Narendra! Its time to change mindset, ‘The Leader who had no Title’, a truly inspirational saga, I would highly recommend this book to each one of you, will come up with the summary of the book sometimes in February.
In the meanwhile, slow and steady progress in M70 continues. It was the 41st day at Gym today (M4W15D41). I have already started doing some exercises for my muscles complemented with abdominal exercises and 20 minutes of Cardios. Okay that’s all for the day, now switching to the remaining commitments before going to bed. Good Night to my Readers. Hope you are doing exceptionally well in your Lives wherever you are.
Narendra Gupta