Sunday, 23 Dec 2012; 10:50pm
Electronic City, Bengaluru
It is said that the initial days of struggle are one of the best days of Life. My entrepreneur friend, Dileep, who also happens to be my neighbor, started his firm few months ago. After some real tough times in early days, his business has slowly started to gain momentum. Today, Dileep and Bhabhi Jee invited me on lunch to celebrate their small successes. I feel privileged to become part of their celebrations and wish my courageous friend, who resigned his highly paid job to start his own business, all successes that he has been looking for. My special Thanks to Bhabhi Jee for that delicious homely food, I had been missing that for quite sometime now.
Today was a sad day for Cricket as the God of Cricket announced his retirement from 50-overs version of the game. I grew up watching him play, its hard to see cricket without Sachin but then I feel good for the legend and respect his decision. I thank him for all the laurels he has brought to the country, for all the delight, excitement and satisfaction he has provided to millions of we Indians. Thank you Sachin, you make us Proud.
I spent this day of life in complete harmony with self. I feel energetic, determined, focused and ready for the final week of work and workouts in 2012. Wishing you all a Happy Monday.
Good Night to all my Readers and wellwishers…
Narendra Gupta