Saturday, 22 Dec 2012; 11:30pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
I am yet again disturbed. I was reading TOI today and came across more news of rapes, so much so that even a 3 year old baby is raped by a 35 year old demon. It’s a shame and a scar on this humanity. Why didn’t the world end yesterday?? A small playschool child who comes to learn A, B, C the so called temple of learning and who even does not know what is gender properly is not spared by these mutts. Few days back, heard the news of a father raping his daughter for 2 long years in Kerala, A grandfather molesting a little one in Bangalore, and many more cases of child abuse. What can be said about these mentally sick people. Whom will the child trust when they are not safe in their homes? Thousands of such incidences (Rapes and Child abuses) keep on happening without the notice of media. These beautiful creations of God keep dying silent deaths ( by getting sexually assaulted) in nooks and corners across our so-called great land. Has the hunger for body gotten so worse that some men in the country resort to such inhuman, dastardly and menial acts. Have we forgotten the ancient quote “Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devata meaning Women Are Honored Where, Divinity Blossoms There. ” or has it lost its relevance in the present day context? 
These women who are our Mothers, Sisters, Wives, and Daughters who make our houses Homes and worth a living place, Can’t we RESPECT them, Can’t we make them feel safe (everywhere) and Can we stop blaming the rape victims raising questions on their character, Can we exercise gender equality and teach the same to gen next right from Day1. I feel crippled to express my angst over the current crisis as I get caught within the limitations of my vocabulary. I do not have control over others, All I can do is to spread the language of gender equality in my family and those in proximity. I urge you to start from yours.
I dedicate this poem to the Delhi Girl and pray for her speedy recovery. This poem is also dedicated to all those angels who have gone through this horrendous crime. May God instil indomitable strength to overcome this crisis in their lives:

Don’t give up hope

Don’t give up hope, you can get better,
The memories may not leave,
But let them be your guide,
Reminding you, keep your pride.

You are stronger then you think,
Don’t let him get his wish,
Don’t let him stop you from living,
But thy, don’t keep on reliving.

It’s in the past, and it may never leave,
But choose the times to think about it,
Don’t let it live your life,
Live, become someone’s wife.

Don’t stop trusting,
Men aren’t all bad,
Just realize there aren’t tons
of terrible ones.

Because…People like you,
Those that have been through this torture
You’re the strongest of us all,
You’ve been through so much and yet don’t fall.

He was wrong, for what he did,
It’s not your fault, never will be.
He has lost his right to be called a man,
He needs to be in the Can.

Speak up if you haven’t already,
You have the power to stop this,
If he goes free, it won’t just be you,
There will be others, this is true.

So tell the police, speak your mind,
The people who pity you don’t matter,
It’s your life, no one, not even him,
Can take that from you, don’t let him win.

Good Night Everyone!
Narendra Gupta