Sunday, 18th Nov 2012; 10:30pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Happy Chhath Pooja

Today was the ‘Kharna’ day of Chhath Pooja, a major festival of Hindus in Bihar, Jharkhand and some parts of UP. The festival which runs over a period of four days is celebrated with much dedication and enthusiasm worshiping ‘Chhati Mata’. It is also a means of Thanksgiving to Sun God for fulfilling wishes and bestowing the bounties of Life on earth. Tomorrow will be the evening ‘Arghya’ followed by the morning ‘Arghya’ the next day when Sun God will be offered milk during the sunrise, by standing and facing the God of Lights.

‘Maa’ (my Mom) does Chhath Pooja in our family. She has been doing it for years, perhaps even before I was born. She says “She does it for the well being of the family”.  She is now 60 plus and in spite of my repeated requests, asking her to stop doing the ‘holy pooja’ due to health issues pertaining to her old age, she insists that she must do it for the sound health of Papa Jee, all her children and grandchildren. She says “Maa Chhati and Sun God will fulfill all our wishes and bring prosperity to the family” Only last year I came to know, she had a special ‘wish’ for me, she would offer a special ‘Arghya’ in my name after I return from abroad completing my studies successfully with suitable job”. God has been kind fulfilling almost all her wishes and my dreams. I am well on track to achieve the remaining. At 65, She offers rigorous austerities, fasting for 2 consecutive days without a drop of water, all this for us (the family).

It is difficult to convince her to stop doing the Pooja, she has an infinte hope and devotion in Chhati Maa and Sun God. She will keep on worshiping the non-existent GODs and I will keep on worshiping my real GOD, my Maa and Papa.

I hope each one of you reading this would have a similar thing to share. I take this opportunity to wish you a Very Happy Chhath Pooja.

Gearing up for the eventful Monday tomorrow,  physically thousand of miles away from Chhath Pooja and Maa,,
Good Night to all
Narendra Gupta