Friday, 08 Feb 2013; 11:35pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Today, I begin with sharing the 5 beautiful rules of becoming a Great Person, and eventually a Great Leader, which I came across while reading my new book ‘The Leader who had no Title’

Rule1: See Cearly
Rule2: Health is Wealth
Rule3: Inspiration Matters
Rule4: Neglect Not your Family
Rule5: Elevate your Lifestyle

                                                      (Courtesy: Robin Sharma, The Leader who had No Title)

I was not feeling very well today (still) recuperating from the fever and cold I had in the beginning of the week (with no rest thereafter). I took it easy at work with one my favorite pastimes gossiping. I shared the concept of ‘Lead Without Title’ with my cool office friend Anand. Looking forward to the two most awaited day of the week which I dedicate fully to self.

Good Night Everyone!!

Narendra Gupta