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“You want me to do something… tell me I can’t do it.” -Maya Angelou


I hope each one of you reading me are in the best of your healths, leading a happy and purposeful life. On demand from some of my friends and readers, I would be posting blogs under a new label ‘Fitness Specials’. I would also tag few important fitness related posts written earlier. Here is my first one!
Okay. Now that Mission 70 is Accomplished, what’s next Narendra?? For past 6 months, I had been doing more of Cardiovascular (Aerobic) exercises. You may look through My Daily Gratitude pages, and if at all I have mentioned the list of exercises done for the day, Cardios would be first choice always (by default). Why, I have been in so much love with Cardios? Is it because it is simple to do?, or because there is less supervision required and is free from various complexities, what weight training exercises contain?. Yes what I wrote till now is true but let me share one scientific reason.
Any body movement that gets our heart rate up and increases blood circulation throughout the body is said to be a cardiovascular (in short, Cardio) exercise. Aerobic exercises causes our lungs to process more oxygen with less effort, our heart to pump more blood with fewer beats, and the blood supply directed to our muscles to increase. Thus performing Cardio exercises increases our body’s endurance and efficiency.
So, What about Weight Training? Is it bad? Well, the simple answer is NO. Let me reveal one important fact on exercises here:
“Improving or maintaining health should be the primary goal of any exercise program. Health not only refers to the absence of disease or illness but may include the way a person feels about their body, their confidence about participating in a variety of activities and their overall attitude toward life. For many people feeling physically fit and strong is part of being a well-rounded and confident person. Resistance training (weight training) can play an important role in the development of self-confidence and body satisfaction by increasing strength, toning muscles and increasing muscular endurance. It can also help maintain lean body mass (important for individuals attempting weight loss), decrease the risk of osteoporosis, develop coordination and balance, and prevent injuries resulting from weak muscles.”             
As stated in my post on 31st March 2013, In Season 2 of Mission 70, I would be focusing more on Weight training exercises (for the first time ever). In this regard I am sharing the workout plan prepared by my Trainer, Mr. Dev Maitra, who also holds a Diploma in Sports Medicine. Those of you who plan to start your weight training may follow up this schedule, may be slightly tweak it as per your body endurance. I will urge you never ever to overdo any form of exercises. It may adversely affect you health. Remember, REST is the most important part of any fitness program. So give your body sufficient and deserving rest as well.
As far as I am concerned I opine a mix of both forms of exercises (Cardios and Weight Training) are good given that we maintain the balance wisely. I started Weight Training exercises this week and tasted the toughness of such exercises. Each part of my body (Specially Chest and Biceps, for which I did exercises on Mon and Tue) was (and is) aching like hell, I was finding it difficult to lift even a glass of water. I could not workout for more than 3 days this week 🙂

Here I am sharing the Weight Training schedule for the First 12 Weeks (3 Months) prepared by Dev. I would be publishing the next set of exercises after 3 months.

Each day we must start with 10 minutes of Warm up Exercises followed by stretching. After you are done with the workout for the day, you (we) should do some cool down exercises and stretching to relax our muscles.
Chest + Biceps 
1 Back Extension on ball or mat 12X1
2 Broad Gap Push ups 14X4-5
3 Flat Bench Press 12X3-4
4 Flat Flies 12X3-4
5 Assisted Dips or Bench Dips 20X3-4
6 Legs in the air Oblique Crunches 20X3
7 Short Grip Pull up 12X3-4
8 Bb. Biceps curling 14X2-4
9 Alternate Db. Curling (seated) 14X3-4
10 Db. Alternate Hammer Curling 12X3-4
11 Back Extension on ball or mat 12X1
12 Legs in the air – Crunches 20X3-4
13 Plank 20X2-3
1 Free Squat  20×3-4.
2 Lunges (long gap)  12×2-3.
3 Leg Press  14×2-3.
4 Push Ups  12×4-5
5 Back Extension on mat or ball 12×2.
6 Assisted Chin ups  10×3- 4.
7 Assisted Dips  12×3-4.
8 Legs in the air/mat  20×2-3.
Back + Triceps
1 Back Extension on ball or mat 12×2.
2 Chin up Broad Grip Assisted 10×3-4.
3 Broad Grip Lat Pull Down 15×3-4.
4 Seated Rowing 12×3-4.
5 Reverse Crunches 20×2-3.
6 Short Grip Push ups 15×3-4.
7 BB. Skull Crusher on bench(after 3-4 weeks)  15×3-4.
8 Seated Db. French Press 15×3-4.
9 Press Down 15×4.
10 Back Extension on ball or mat 12×2.
11 Crunches – Legs in the air 20×2-3.
12 Plank 20×2-3
Shoulder + Biceps 
1 Back Extension on ball or mat 12 X 2
2 Bb. Shoulder Press 16 X 3 – 4
3 Db. Side Lateral Raise 15 X 3 – 4
4 Db. Front Raise 15 X 3 – 4
5 Bb. Upright Rowing 15 X 3 – 4
6 Short Grip Pull up 12 X 3 – 4
7 Bb. Biceps Curling 14 X 3 – 4
8 Alternate Db. Curling (Seated) 14 X 3 – 4
9 Db. Alternate Hammer Curling 12 X 3 – 4
10 Back Extension on ball or mat 12 X 2
11 Legs in the air Oblique Crunch 20 X 2 -3
12 Legs in the air Crunch 20 X 2 -3
13 Plank 20 X 3
Friday :
1 10 mins Fast walking or running.
2 Standing Stretch.
3 Back Extension 10×1.
4 Free Holding Squat 20×3-4.
5 Db. Or Free Holding Lunges (long) 16×3-4.
6 Leg Press 16×3-4.
7 Leg Extension 12×3.
8 Leg Curling 15×3.
9 Db. Calf Raise 20×3.
10 Back Extension on ball or mat 12×2.
11 Crunches (Legs in the air or mat) 20×2-3.
12 Reverse Crunches 20×3.
13 Plank 20×2-3 
Wishing you all  Happy Working Out!!
Narendra Gupta
Saturday, 13.04.2013; 7:30am 
(I took a small nap in between and it extended till this morning J)