Friday, 11 Oct 2013; 1:45pm
Kestopur, Kolkata, India
Being in the city of joy during Durga Puja for the first time and that along with family is an extreme joy. The biggest Bengali festival reaches into its peak of celebration. Today is the Maha Saptami of the Navaratri.Already, the excitement can be filled in the air. People all around are immersed into the puja festivities. Thousands of people have started to flock over Puja Pandals based on various themes. It feels so special to celebrate this festival with family after many years, will be visiting different puja pandals over the next three days, purchasing balloons, toys and stuffs for my doll in the mela, eating pani-puris and chat and all that will make me and my family feel good and happy 🙂


Keeping it short for today, I wish each of you a very very Happy Durga Puja. May Maa shower her blessings on each of us and may we be happier, healthier, peaceful and most energetic.
Best Wishes for the Puja once again. Jai Mata Ki.
Narendra Gupta