Wednesday, 12th Dec 2012; 11:10pm
Electronic City, Bangalor
I am so..so tired now. From 7:30 am in the morning till 9:30pm in the evening, from meetings to calls to mails…it has been a complete ‘work’ day. Though I feel fatigued mentally and physically now, I just realized, I have started enjoying my work like never before. Yes that’s true, the temperament to learn new things has risen by some scale, Thanks to Dr. Neil Fiore and his book.
I compromised on going to Gym with work today for one last time in near future. Though I feel so tired, though I have been not not keeping my promise on going Gym regularly, past few days, I am committed to Mission 70 and the Goal to meet my target weight of 70 Kg by March 31st 2012.
In personal life, Mom’s possible eye operation in Jan 2013 is a little concern. Feel so paralyzed staying away from them and at the moment when they need us the most. Both my Parents are over 65 now, strong urge to serve my ageing GOD has been increasing ever since I rejoined work. Far-off distance from hometown, their unwillingness to come to this city and some financial commitments has been barricading me for sometime but without any doubt I am going to come over all these obstacles to become the Sravan Kumar of this era which is also the name of one of my Life time missions. I pray to God, and seek all your wishes that my Mom’s eyes be operated successfully and she is healthier like always.
This day is dedicated to my Mom – I miss you Maa.
Narendra Gupta