Thu/Fri, 11/12 April 2013;12:35am
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

To show leadership, you need no title. Below, I quote lines from the Robin Sharma book, The Leader who had no title (P55,56)

“Simply remember that no matter what your position within any organization and no matter how old you are or where you live throughout the world, you have the power to show leadership. And no one and nothing can ever deny you that. But it is totally your responsibility to activate that power.”


Leadership is a true and much unexplored potential within every individual. It is just not about the politicians or big position holders in organizations big and small, across the world. When you realize the leader in you, you no longer complain about situation, time, people and luck. You assume (take-in-charge) responsibility, total responsibility and stand by your decisions come what may.
After some ‘Gyan ki baatein’,  Let me take you through my day, yes, my beautiful and worthwhile day of  life. After 3 entirely busy day of work accompanied with an hour of workout (weight training) each day, I took it easy today. I took rest from Gym to give a deserving rest to the temple in which my soul resides (yes yaar! my body :P…’bade bade fande maar raha hai sala’…...some of you might be uttering these words..isn’t it?. I spent time talking and mentoring my juniors. I encouraged Sushil to start exercising, and to begin with I urged him to walk a distance of 2 kms daily. I assisted Abhijit, Deepanjana, Aviroop in their activities. Late in the evening, I had a conversation with two strangers in the Cafeteria, made one of the guys aware of ‘What does a BHK in 1 BHK actually mean after listening to his words with his friends ‘bhk vhk humko itna nahi pata…lekin room mast hai jahan hum rehte hain’. 
I am going to give rest to my body tomorrow as well to soothe my otherwise extremely aching body after 3 days of  weights training. That’s it for today. Happy tomorrow to each one of you.
Good night, Subh Ratri,
Narendra Gupta