Saturday, 20 April 2013; 7:15am
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata 
Please, STOP the horror!
I am utterly shocked and devastated to learn about the shameful rape committed on the five-year-old girl child in Delhi. Tears came rolling down my cheek, became numb and voiceless for a moment when I read through the atrocities this angel went through. The monster held her captive for four days, raped her, mutilated her genitals, even inserted foreign objects inside her body, slit her throat and left her soaked in her own blood. How can someone be so barbaric, so brute, so wild, so inhuman? How?? Who said the age of demons and devils are gone? I have an 8 month old daughter and I wonder what kind of world I would present to her, where people can even think of such crimes in the wildest of their dreams? Today, my soul is hurt, and hurt badly…. once again!
While committing such ghastly crime didn’t he (the Culprit) think even for a moment that he has also come into existence from the same gender and that he has a sister and a wife who also belongs to the same gender. Nirbhaya case is being repeated again, and again…. and again. We seem to learn no lessons, there is absolute no change after the December 16 horror, and if at all there is, it is for the worst. 
The coward, impotent, incompetent Police can just slap the weak for protesting instead of performing their duties honestly and in the true spirit, for which they took oath. They can just bribe the poor to shut their mouth up and get away with their responsibility. Yes, for them the cost of the pride and dignity for a little child from a poor family is 2000 rupees! They can beat up the mother for protesting against the rape and murder of her 6 year old daughter (referring to the Aligarh incidence). They can just receive hefty bribe from the offenders and save them. The callousness and arrogance of the men in ‘khaki’ does not seem to reduce even by a margin.
As rightly pointed out by Usha Uthup on Times Now yesterday, we say girls dress provocatively, they invite sex perverts, I ask you, what was the fault of this five year old innocent, who is hardly aware of the difference of the genders??
I, Narendra vision of an India where there is absolute zero tolerance for any crime against women and children. I vision of an India where there is Death Penalty for Rapists. Even life sentence is not appropriate because people do not fear life, people fear death. Its been four months since Nirbahya’s murder (yes, murder!) but her murderers are still breathing on the tax payer’s (we, the common people’s) money, they do not have right to (breathe)!. They must die. This is sending wrong signals to all the pedophiles out there in society. There is out-and-out zero fear of law. Indian Judicial system is discouraging. I opine and strongly advocate that after cutting genitals of such perverts they should be left in public, for them to give justice.
I just read (on TOI) the culprit is nabbed and happens to be from Bihar. I also read through the comments of people from different parts of India and world. My dear friends, I am a Bihari and let me tell you that such an utterly sick mentality is not place, region, religion, race, society, culture, country specific. Let me urge each one of you whether you are a Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil,….rise above your limited thinking patterns. I am sad and shocked because some human being has done this. I am sad that such people exist in society, I am sad because a little soul has been severely damaged, I am sad to think.. what would be going in the minds of the parents of the little angel, I am sad because such incidences put a bad name to humanity as a whole.
This little child is now struggling for her life and let me urge each one of you to pray for the speedy recovery of the angel who has just entered into this world. She must go to school, enjoy her childhood, go to college, do something worthwhile in her life, get married, have children and live a happy life. Yes, she must see the beautiful world I vision. 
Dear Almighty, Please, Please, Please Save the Child.
Certainly not a ‘Good Morning’ for me. On an utterly sad note…
Narendra Gupta