Friday, 18 Jan 2013, 11:45pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
Wao!! What a day it had been. I am tired and exhausted yet I feel happy and satisfied. Another busy day at work just passed, hope there is no weekend call for work, its a possibility though. Somehow, I could make time for 15-20 minutes of workout today (M70: M4W13D35). I did what I like the most – Running (15 min) with some Crunches (5min). 
I wish to re-iterate that the purpose of Exercising is to remain fit and healthy and its just not only for showing to the outer world your physique. Although its addressed only for women (in the quote above), it holds equally for all men. The purpose of Exercising is for attaining inner peace and happiness by remaining fit and healthy.

While coming back from office, the ‘Autowala’ was doing a rash driving and we (I along with 3 co-passengers) survived a probable accident. I was fire at him when he replied negatively to my request of driving slowly. Why such people do not understand their duties and responsibilities, towards his family, towards his customers and their family, towards society, country and above all towards his own-self. It was his duty and responsibility to drive safely and take his passengers to particular destination safely.

Next Week I will focus completely on the importance of Diets (and thereby implementing in personal lifestyle) in staying Fit and healthy on my Daily Gratitude pages.
Only for today,
Good Night and Good Bye!!