Saturday, 19 Jan 2013; 11:10pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

I gave complete rest to my Body today. And for the first time ever, after some research over internet and inquiring with Friends, I ordered for economical ISO-Whey proteins, Thanks to Priyanka, Nutrition Specialist at HealthKart. Past few weeks, in spite of taking foods with various nutrients, I have been feeling week, especially after workouts and then only I realized there is certain and more need for proteins and hence the order. As you might be aware, that weight loss is a misnomer, people often lose weight in diseases. It is the (extra) FAT which we (I) intend to lose, aptly it is FAT Loss. 
This weekend, I am reading the beautiful book on WEIGHT LOSS by Rujuta Diwekar. Up-til what I read, she talks about our wrong eating habits and how it impacts adversely on the involuntary organ of our body, the stomach. I would shortly come up with Summary of the book.
Now over to Rujuta’s book….
Good Night All of you!!
Narendra Gupta