Thu/Fri, 25/26 April 2013; 1:05am
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

What a phenomenal day it had been. A day so special and definitely more than one reason to remember it for long.Today is the last day of my stay at Wipro Guesthouse here in Kolkata. Tomorrow I am traveling to Bangalore. 
I started the day with workouts after a gap of 5 days doing cardios exclusively (M70-S2: M1W4D11). This was followed by munching boiled eggs and tasty chicken sandwiches with tea making up for my Protein and high GI carb requirement after the workouts. At office I asked my Team on the areas they face issues so that I can assist them in those areas from the remote location tomorrow onwards pro-actively and in a better way. I LWTed (going forwards I will use this terminology for my pro-active actions, LWT stands for Lead Without Title) to get a system (to work) arranged for me in Bangalore location. I contacted the Manager there and he was friendly and supportive enough to get this done for me. Another highlight of the day was I received my company laptop for the first time which straight away means increased responsibility and still higher levels of commitment.  
In the evening I shared my insights on work motivation and why its so important to improve at each stage of Life, why its so important to keep burning in our hearts the fire of progress. Late in the night I had a good conversation with family members over phone followed by prolonged chat with roomie. 
Calling it a day. Need to get up early for my travel. Wishing you the very Best for tomorrow.
Good Night..
Narendra Gupta