Wednesday, 09 Jan 2013; 11:30pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Relations are something which (always) keep on changing with time, be it the relationship with your Parents when you were child as compared to times (now) when you are grown up, be it with your brothers, sisters and many more relatives, there is certain change which prevails in all relationships at different periods of time. Different degrees (of relationship) hold for friends and colleagues as well. Management of relationships is somethings which I (and you) need to master at this stage of my(your) life for successes in my future life.

At work, I had a discussion with my Team sitting in Kolkata. I tried to understand their challenges. I started on a very jovial and cordial relationship with all team mates a month ago but when it comes to work, time and again I feel that there should be a line between friendship and colleague(ship) or those who are reporting under you or whom you are reporting to.Work relationship need to be learnt Narendra, next task for you!

Okay. So another beautiful day passing by which is never going to come again. Two days ago one of the colleagues in his adieu mail had written on Gratitude “There is no such thing as gratitude unexpressed. If it is unexpressed, it is ingratitude” So Let me pay my gratitude to this wonderful day of my Life.

I started the day late, once again, getting up at 10:05 am. Reached office by 12 noon. I went to Gym at my scheduled time 6 in the evening today (M70- M4W12D29) doing Cardios accompanied with some weights and abs exercises. Returned home only by 10 in evening 🙂

And for next 15 minute (or until I sleep), over to the book by Rujuta Diwekar..

Good Night Everyone..

Narendra Gupta
10 Jan;12:15am