Wednesday, 17 April 2013; 11:20pm
Sector V, Salt Lake, kolkata

It was a wonderful day to be alive. I have had some wonderful experience at professional and personal level. At work, for the first time ever, I set up a bridge call with onsite leads on my own, though had been part of it in the past. I took initiative which may bring more business to my company with the current Customer. I provided extensive KT sessions to my Team which they found very useful. If things are in place and we are able to automate these scripts, it would be a great success for my team. 

Moving on, I did exercise for Triceps body part at Gym after 20 minutes of warm-up on the cross-trainer today (M1W3D8). I feel so tired to write any more. Calling it a day for now.

Narendra Gupta