Electronic City, Bangalore

I was overwhelmed with the Best wishes of fellow team mates this afternoon. I was being presented the LSA (Long Service Award) by my Manager Mr. Nagaraj Sampath kumar. It was an emotional moment and I felt hollow for the whole evening thereafter. Would blog more on this on the Chhoti Diwali Day, 12th Nov when I complete 5 years of service with Wipro:)

I missed on blogging after a completely tiring and worn-out day yesterday, probably more due to the 75-80 min of work-out in the morning at Gym (M70- M2W3D10). Today I took rest. Yesterday and today, both were quite easy going in terms of work except some late work coming this evening however no complains.

The achievement for me this week was my successful filling of Appraisal in advance, well before time unlike all the times earlier when I struggled on this. My first victory on my fight against my habit of procrastination! I am Happy and feel Good 🙂

Next habit which I need to improve is the ‘control on my emotions’. I am bad at this and one can easily read my face and emotions. When I looked at the pics that were taken during the felicitation function today, in not even a single pic, I was smiling. Camera shy and frowning faced, uffff….You need to change on this Narendra, a must change, my next area of improvement,, 😐

Calling it a day, Good Night to all my Dear Friends and Readers.

Narendra Gupta