Thursday, 20 Dec 2012; 11:45pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
I came across this website which mentions that 21 Dec 2012 is the dooms day and the world might end tomorrow. The ‘end of world’ news is not new and has come alive multiple times earlier also. While I do not believe in this Mayan prophecy advocating Armageddon, I wonder what if I was to die tomorrow. You never know when your ticket is due, so what is it that I must do before I die? When I questioned self, Who are the people I would like to be with?, What are the must-do tasks I should do?, if I were to die tomorrow. I get puzzled. Only thing which comes to mind are my ageing parents for whom I have dreamt to show the holy places across India, my new responsibility, my little doll who has just entered the world of physical beings, and my soul-mate, my wife. I have not even started giving my services to them. How can I die now? I have no right to. 
But… there are forces which are not under your control, and you never know….
I am feeling so tired and exhausted after a long day at work. Retiring to bed..
Good Night!
Today’s Act of Kindness: Today, I guided a stranger to the place he was looking for in nearby locality.