Wed/Thu 19/20 Dec 2012;12:30am
Electronic City, Bangalore
I get disturbed, so disturbed …..feel bad for the Girl in Delhi, who is battling for her life now. May GOD be with her and may she get well soon. May the almighty provide infinite strength to her so that she can live a normal life, she has not committed any mistake for which she needs to feel ashamed and she must live all her life heads high. I wonder why such activities have been on a rise? Why such dastardly and inhuman act do not stop? I feel the main reason is fearlessness against law. The culprits know that even if they get caught they would be released paying mild fines or few months or years jail term at max.Such heinous crimes are no less than murder and should be treated at par with murder and the only punishment for these scoundrels should be ‘hanging in full public view’. This does not come out of any emotional outburst or anything. Enough is enough now. We have seen hundreds of innocent girls becoming prey to such perverts who have no fear of the weak Indian law where delayed justice is a common norm. Public hanging must be legalised for any thing other than consensual sex.
Moving on, in personal life, it was another busy day at work, could reach home only by 11:45pm today after  hectic sessions at work. Another day when I skipped Gym. M-70… on a slow due to critical requirements at work…..hmm!!. However, certainly not out of mind and out of sight. I compensated the lost workout day at Gym by using (only) stairs (while going up to 3rd floor throughout the day) and walking all the way from office to home, a distance of 4 kms and the best part is I enjoyed my late night stroll after 13-14 hours of work.
With that I call it a day. Good Night Everyone!
Narendra Gupta

Today’s Act of Kindness: Today I became friends with some strangers. Thanks to my smile. :))