Wednesday, 14-11-12;11:30pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Going to office just a day after Diwali is never a great idea. I was most reluctant to come out of the blanket in morning, certainly not when the temperature has taken a nose-dive here in Bangalore but then, call of the duty stands above all duties, procrastination or any other pleasures of life.

There are days in life when you are not able to motivate self for work, it was one such day for me. While the day after Diwali was one reason, another reason was the cold attitude of management. Anyway, I am going to leave writing about this topic at this point.

Another thing in life which I wish to improve is the control over my emotions. People can easily read my emotions, whenever I am ‘angry’ or when I am ‘sad’ or when I am confused etcetra. Negative thoughts are like poison and I must kill such thoughts when it strikes mind.

In the evening, Left from office at 6 pm and decided to walk home (4 Kms) to compensate to some extent for all the cheat meal I had taken on Diwali Day. It’s been 6 days since I had gone to Gym last. This week (W4) target would be 2-3 days/35-40 min of Gym. Tomorrow I would focus on Cardio exercises (Elliptical/Treadmill/Cycling with some light weights if possible).

I call it a day for now. Have to get up early for Gym…

Good Night to all

14 Nov 2012