Tuesday, 20 August 2013; 10:40pm

Its pouring heavily here in Kolkata with few areas flooded with water. Though I was drenched in rain while coming back from office today, I felt quite happy about it, in fact I just love rains and the rainy season. Well! today, I have just popped in to wish each one of you a very Happy Raksha Bandhan.
I have one sister. She lives along with her kids in Bokaro, Jharkhand. She posted a Rakhi for me last week but I am yet to receive it. Although she’s just 2.5 years elder to me, she always treats and care for me like her son. I adore you Didi and miss you very very much. Its been many years since I was with you on this auspicious day, promise to be there soon Didi and that day will again celebrate Raksha Bandhan, infact for me every day is a Raksha Bandhan day.

I dedicate this poem by to you Didi and all sisters on earth:

A Sister is Forever
by Bruce B. Wilmer

A sister’s a sister forever,
A bond that diminishes never,,
A friend who is kindly and caring,,
A sibling God chooses for sharing.,
Few ties as deep and profound,
And with so much affection abound,
Though some thoughts are seldom expressed,
Love endures and survives every test.,
Of the constants that rest in the heart,,
A sister’s a primary part.,
She’ll always be there when you need her,
You listen, you value, you heed her.,
As growth, independence you ponder,,
Your feelings grow deeper and fonder;,
And life tells you one thing that is true:,
A sister’s a large part of you.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

Narendra Gupta