Thursday, 14 Feb 2013; 11:11pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Some people in my day-to-day life inspire me more than the legends and big celebrities. Yudhistir, a fellow junior in my Project is passionate towards his work, he works with a zeal, he recently received the valuable Player Award at the hands of Client who visited last month. Vidya, a first year MS student at Wipro, apart from her achievements at work in which she directly faces the customer, has the right attitude and the most beautiful smile in the world. Soumyadeep, my mate at lunch all these days, is passionate about building body and most importantly staying fit. He has been turning to Gym for almost 2 years now making impressive changes in his body. He has dreams and wants to follow it. Recently, He has started his blog on fitness, I wish him all the very best and may he fulfill all his dreams. I really get inspired by all such people around me, they teach me a lot of lessons of daily life and whenever I am in a baffled state of mind with negativity outwitting the positivity inside me, I think of these people around me and get inspired. 
I took it easy at work today and was a bit slow (deliberately though). I thank you Sukhendu, for that wonderful lunch at Oriya Hotel in Wipro vicinity. In spite of being a junior, you paid for me and my friend was something I didn’t like though. But then, I, in no way wanted to let you down in your hospitality, certainly I owe you a treat now, will have it soon.

I went for workout this evening doing cardios for around 40 minutes (M70 -M5W17D47)

This afternoon, I wished my Valentine, my Sweet Wifey – a Very Happy Valentine’s Day and she blushed with extreme happiness as if I was meeting her for the first time and proposing her. She calls me ‘Jaan’ and I too call her with the same name. For those of you reading me and who are not aware of hindi language (Indian mother tongue), ‘Jaan’ means LIFE. Yes, that’s true, I am her Life and she is my Life. 🙂

This beautiful song dedicated to my Valentine, my Wifey…

I wish all the couples ‘married’ and ‘going to be married’, a Very Happy Valentine’s Day. May God be with you for ever and may you all be happy like never before with each other every single day. 
Calling it a day. 
Good Night, Subh Ratri !! 🙂