Monday, 07 Jan 2013; 10:58pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

I was watching Arnab’s (Arnab Goswami) program ‘The News Hour’ on Times Now. I was wondering how dedicated this man is towards his service, towards the nation. He had updated his profile on Twitter as ‘The Fearless Journalist’ and rightly so. I have been a great admirer of this person who has clearly shown on several occasions that he represents the common people. Today, when some participant leaders tried to communalise the issue over the hate monger politician Akbarrudin, he clearly said, ‘it is not a Hindu vs Muslim but it is one man vs the whole nation’. Akbaruddin had bad-mouthed several hindu leaders, political parties and even Lord Ram and other deities.i hope that media maintains constant pressure on the govt to act and put this mutt in his right place i.e. behind the bars.
Moving on, I wonder why I have been so lazy all Mondays, I try to motivate self, saying all possible positive words, etcetera but in vain. I felt lazy, rusty and lethargic today, possibly the hangover (of rest over the weekend) continues on Monday as well. For the first time in last 3 months , since I started working on M-70, I have kept my weekly target of 5 workout days. Today (M70-M4W12D27) was first of the five days. Now that only 3 months are in hand, I have kept a target weight of 73 Kg for the January month. I really need to get out of my comfort zone now, if at all I have to accomplish my target weight.
Those of you reading me, Do wish me luck for accomplishing my target 🙂
Good Night!!
Narendra Gupta