Tue/Wed, 09/10 April 2013; 1:15am
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

The first two days of this week have been wonderful. Once again, I am in love, love with self, love with work, love with people, love with nature, love with Kolkata (weather is a bit hot! par chalega, love is unconditional). Indeed, I am in deep love. I feel happy, excited and in complete harmony with self. I feel energetic, enthusiastic, passionate and powerful all these days. Yes, I feel flying like a bird free in the sky. I am so thankful to my dear Parents, dear almighty, for giving me this beautiful life. I express my sincerest of gratitude to everyone who has influenced my life in any possible way. I pray for each one of you, I pray for the well-being of the whole man-kind. Let there be peace, prosperity, happiness all around, Let our smiles outshine the brightness of sun.
Its been 2 completely busy day working till 11 pm in night. The happiest and exciting news of the month is: YeeeeSSS!!! I have started on my Weights Training (Mission 70: Season 2 – M1W2D4). The Goal of my Mission 70 (Season 2) is Gaining a Muscular and Toned Body with absolute flat stomach. The timeline set is 30 Sep 2013 (i.e the next 6 months). I am so thankful to my Friend Soumya who personally prepared chart and shared with me. That was my motivation to start on Weights training. Yesterday I received a Training Chart prepared by the Specialists in the Gym facility at office campus. Monday was dedicated to Chest exercises while I dedicated today to Biceps. After the workout I could not even lift up my shoulders, whole body, specially the upper part is aching like hell.
Well I will come with more updates on my weight training, will also share the (weights training) chart I am following.  I end my writing for the day here. Have to start early in the morning for work.
Subh Ratri, Good Night.
Keep Winning.
Narendra Gupta