Tue/Wed, 01/02 Jan 2013; 12:55am
Electronic City, Bangalore

Thank you Flipkart for delivering my I can-I will diary for the year 2013 on time, just finished up writing my major goals for the year 2013. Yes, M-70 comes as the top priority. So, I have another 3 months to reduce my body weight to 70 Kgs (Currently 77.3Kgs). I had been irregular making 1-2 days per week for last one month which I would have to change to accomplish my target weight. Another Goal for 2013 is to do complete anger management at home and work. Also, I would read a minimum of 20 Books this year (My 3rd Goal).
On my resolution list, comes dealing with distractions (all kinds) like phone calls, emails, fb notifications, some other low priority tasks which reduce my productivity at work. Another resolution is to cut on the time spent on the electronic media like TV, Internet etc and devote more time to reading books. I would also cut on the time spent on phone calls apart from social networking sites like FB and Twitter.
Enough said now action..
Looking forward for the frst working day of 2013..
Good Night Everyone,
Narendra Gupta