Tue/Wed, 16/17 April 2013; 11:58pm
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata
What a nail biting thrillers these IPL matches have been this season. Bangalore pulled up a cliffhanger against Delhi Daredevils a couple of minutes ago after the match went into a superover. Goodness!
I took some good initiatives in work today and got support from my entire team on that. For the first time I set up a bridge call on my own including the leads from different location. Not only this I received a call from my onsite coordinator seeking my confidence. You know what……..I feel good on these accomplishments though small ones 🙂
I went to the Gym for the second consecutive day (M70 – Season2: M1W3D7) and did exercises for Back. Yesterday (M70 -Season2: M1W3D6) was dedicated to my favorite… Cardios.
Sometimes you feel bad on small issues (just like a child). I felt the same today. I sent friend’s request (on FB) to a person and suggested another common friend. The common friend’s request was accepted and mine not yet. Let me be honest here, I really felt bad. You know what……. I expect a lot from myself. I think that people would feel lucky and honored to befriend me. I really feel that I am someone special and have more in me than thousands of others. Sadly, that is not the case. I am nothing more than ordinary in others eyes.  Childish…huh!. 🙂
Getting too emotional Narendra! Stop being foolish 🙂
That is all for today. Will see you all tomorrow. 
My struggles, my losses, my victories, well! my fight to attain excellence continues….
Narendra Gupta