Wednesday, 24 January 2013; 10:05pm
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Before I start writing how I spent my day today, I pray for good health of the 5 year old who had to see the worst and most cruel side of life. Hope she is doing well and recovers real fast.

Another beautiful day of life passing by and I am here once again to express my sincerest of Thank You to the almighty for keeping me alive. I just didn’t breathe, I lived my day inspiring lives all around. This morning I saw an Employee dressed in a weird manner. I called on him and after asking his name and Project, requested him to dress properly. He was a fresher and it is very important for his development to understand the importance of such things at this stage. Dressing is an important part of your personality and you just can’t ignore it.
In the evening and to my pleasant surprise I received call from my Customer Manager, Mr. Joseph Varghese who happens to be from Andaman and Nicobar island. He was very friendly in spite of being such a high level manager. He called me to express Thank You for our work in the previous project. Such a down to earth and friendly person. He guided me to join ToastMasters institute to sharpen my Public Speaking and Leadership skills to fit into the shoes of my next role. 
I encouraged Sushil, a promising fresher not to neglect smaller tasks, suggested him to write his action items so that he doesn’t forget important and even not-so-important tasks.Small actions repeated over a period of time make big things. We just cannot afford to ignore even smaller tasks. I also encouraged him to share knowledge to others.
Well! people have started recognizing me in the campus here. Cafeteria staff come to receive feedback from me, Guest house staff pay me respect by listening to me and when I speak they stand as mark of respect. Juniors in team flock to me seeking guidance on various aspects. 
Loving the adventure called life….
Narendra Gupta