Monday, 14 Jan 2013; 10:55pm;
Electronic City, Bangalore
Although missed my family today, I feel elated to share how I celebrated ‘Makar Sankranti’ away from family (and Home) and my (small but significant) achievement as a cook. After the late morning walk (as usual, got up only by 9 am) and purchasing all necessary stuffs for the festival, I returned to clean the room and after the bath and a small ‘pooja-path’, I ate the traditional food of Dahi-Chura (Curd, Flat Rice) along with Jaggery (as sweetener), Til ka Lai which Hindus (usually) eat on this auspicious day of Makar Sankranti (also Called Til-Sakrat by many). I thoroughly enjoyed the food, indeed a soul-satisfying one.Thereafter, I spent the afternoon with one my favorite pastimes, yes, reading Newspaper.
After repeated instructions from family (especially Mom, Sister and Wifey), I made up my mind to prepare Khichdi. My effort to make the maiden Khichdi by Cook Narendra (E)atable, brought in good results. Indeed, my masala Khichdi was good in taste (:P). For supplements, I had prepared ‘Ful-gobi and aloo ka pakoda’ along with ‘Papad’ . Awesome taste and when you eat (mix) Khichdi with curd, the taste multiplies. It was a good experience and learning as a Cook, Thanks to Didi (my elder sister) for her cooking lessons today.
I enjoyed the day and the food thoroughly. Hope you all had a similar time with your near and dear ones.
While it was completely a cheat meal day, I vow for my commitment towards mission 70 and my workouts this coming week which starts tomorrow.
Good Night Everyone!!
Narendra Gupta