Thursday, 03 Jan 2012; 11:05pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

It’s been a long, exhausting day. I did a few cardio and abs exercises at Gym today (M70 – M4W11D25). A few of fellow colleagues shared their experiences of celebrating the Year end. Uthra, a chennaite went to see Pushkar, famous for the only ‘God Brahma’ temple in the world and many other historical places in Rajasthan including Jaipur, Udaypur, Jaisalmer. She went along with her husband and had a WOW experience. Mahesh had gone to Mauritius along with his wife on a seven days trip. He said he would have preferred to visit Andaman, you find similar things in India, why visit foreign land? India is a huge and with thousand of beautiful places to be explored. Hearing their experience, recalled I have to take my Parents on an India tour someday, when?, I really don’t know. Moving on, enjoyed the sweets from Uthra and Shiny in office. Anil, my Practice manager called on me to discuss on my next assignment, he briefly praised for my deliverables at work however said you have to be ready for even bigger and more challenging roles. In the meanwhile, I am loving my ‘I can, I will’ diary. Certainly a recommended product for each one of you reading me.

Feeling too tired to write anymore.

Here’s wishing a Good Night to all of you reading me.

Narendra Gupta