Fri/Sat, 04/05 Jan 2013; 1:48am
Electronic City, Bangalore

It was one of those days when I was not at my best. Spent most of the time (at office) gossiping, lecturing, chit- chatting, and other non-essential activities. just invested all my time (after office) to …you know..a very important activity..’FACEBOOKING’. 😛
Moving on.I was impressed after my conversation with my Project friend, Anand Vasu. His ideology towards life, people, society, and many other things..quite impressive. He feels that the Lives of the culprits of the horrendous Delhi rape case should not be taken away rather they should be given such a punishment that they feel the shame and pain throughout their lives (castration, cutting their limbs, legs and the likes). He feels that if GOD has given life, then only, he has the right to take it. He believes in doing an extensive research before taking any decision (Big or Small).
Okay. Now update on M-70: After a long break, I hit the Gym for third day (M70- M4W11D26) in a row.
Sharing one of the quotes I found on FB today:
Meanwhile……I am still exploring self, trying best to know… the WHO and WHY of me.
Good Night.
Narendra Gupta
05 Jan, 2am