Sunday, 21st Oct 2012;10:56pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Today is ‘Saptami‘ of the Navaratri; tomorrow onwards, Durga Pooja celebrations will be at its peak. It’s been several years since I last celebrated the grand Pooja with family. Childhood days were so special….visiting the Pooja Pandals with family and neighbours……..getting glimpse of the colossal idols of Maa Durga with other Devi- Devtas, and holding hands of Papa jee tightly braving the crowd, insisting Maa on buying toy cars, helicopters and what not ……… .shooting small balloon balls with big rifles, …. and of course gulping scores of panipuris followed by chhole-batoores..….. 😐

Okay. Without diving any deeper into the ocean of nostalgia, Let me wish each one of you a very very Happy Durga Pooja. May Maa Durga shower her blessings on each one of us and may we be happier, stronger and at peace of mind.

Do recite along with me, the Maa Chalisa:

It was a sad day for Bollywood and millions of its lovers as we lost veteran director-producer Mr. Yash Chopra. May the holy soul rest in peace. My deepest condolences to the family of Yash Jee. He left this materialistic world a rich legacy for which he would be remembered for a long long time, in fact he must be a happy and satisfied spirit to leave the physical being.

For me, it was a sleepy Sunday. Got my specs’ glasses replaced; celebrated my new glasses with a Chicken-Chapati combo in the dinner.

Tomorrow starts yet another new day, full of challenges and M-70 into its second day.

Once again wishing you all a Very Happy Durga Pooja.

Narendra Gupta
Sunday, Oct 21st, 2012; 11:50 pm