Wednesday, 22 May 2013;10:45pm
Krishnapur, Kokata

My heartiest and sweetest Greetings to each one of you. Hope you are doing wonderful in your lives, living with a health body and mind. Well! I have not been keeping so well for past few days, ever since I returned back to Kolkata after attending my BIL’s marriage ceremony. It started with mild cold and then it became cough followed by loose motion.

Thursday, 23 May 2013; 9:36pm
Krishnapur, Kolkata

I started writing this post yesterday and fell asleep after writing the above lines. Will complete it today and with this I resume my writing on Daily Gratitude pages on a consisten basis. I will update my daily activity for the day today onwards.
As I was mentioning yesterday, due to excessive water loss from body (through dystenry) I am feeling too week. I thus opted to take rest from work for the whole week and regain my strength. I am slowly recuperating and am feeling much better.
22-May-2013 was a milestone day for me as I got my new Gas Connection for the first time in my life. I was elated as this marks the beginning of my family life. well, I am settling down in Kolkata slowly adding houselhold stuffs one by one as per conveninence. As suggested by Wifey and Maa, I did pooja for my new Gas Oven and Cylinder and perpared ‘Kheer’ as the first food item. As per elders, this is considered a ‘shagun’ and to keep their words and feel happy within, I followed all their instructions.

Another reason to be happy was; Ashu had sent few of the latest pics of Sanskriti, my darling doll.

Sanskriti –  so happy sitting on her walker

Sanskriti working on Mama Jee’s lappy

 Love you Beta and Miss you so much. Soon we will be together along with your Mom.

Love and Kindness to All Human beings!

Narendra Gupta