Saturday, 30 March 2013; 10:00pm
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Shed your past. Release your limits. No longer argue for why you can’t have/do/become all you want. Today’s a fresh day. You’ve been blessed with a new chance. To think better. To behave higher. To risk + stretch + excel + dream. And so my great encouragement for you is that you walk out into this day and live with audacity/ possibility/ mastery and model the best of your humanity. These are my sincere wishes. For you on this gift of a day. Be great. All green lights.

                                                                                                                              Robin Sharma 

Great lines by a great human being. Robin, you are doing a great deed and I adore you for that. I am and will follow your (my) path and the greatest mission of my life has become to make lives for at least one person better by motivating, inspiring, and engaging them to do worthwhile things. I want to build bridges, and uplift people morally and mentally by creating awareness about living big. 

It was a wonderful day to be alive. Today was the last but one day before the first phase of Mission 70 ends. After a long morning walk and finishing off my morning activities I went to office to close few of the tasks I need to, before Monday morning EST time. In the evening I went to Gym (M70: M6W23D56) and did cardio and abs exercises. Tomorrow marks the final day of M70 (first phase) when I will present you the final outcome – Have I missed on it or is M70 accomplished? 
Looking forward to a bright Sunday.
Good Night to all.
Narendra Gupta