Sunday, 31-Mar-2013; 9:30pm
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

A journey of 6 months ends today. Quitely…. Peacefully….. and Without any action. Yes, I had made a public commitment 6 months ago (on 13-Oct-2013), that I will reduce my body weight from 84 Kgs to 70 Kgs by healthy means and the deadline I had set for accomplishing this extremely important task of mine was 31st March 2013 i.e today. I feel pleased and happy to declare that:

I have accomplished my Target Weight of 70 Kgs today. yes, Mission 70 is Accomplished!!

Well! I must say, it’s been a rewarding journey. Today, I reveal one secret goal behind M70. More than attaining the 70 Kg feat, my (top) goal was (and is) always to attain higher levels of fitness. I always wanted to gain such a healthy state that I feel energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, interested, ever smiling, cheerful and yes a Charismatic individual 24X7. I wanted to grow my immunity power to the maximum level, free myself from any disease, I wanted to become an individual who would become role model, first for self and then for others as well. 70 Kg was a mere benchmark I had set, say as some destination and what was more crucial was the journey throughout to reach the coveted destination. Yes, today I feel happy and satisfied. 
My Motivation: My Doll. My Wife. My Parents
I look back at the past 6 months and recall of the events, big and small, that has happened in my life and I find myself in state of bliss. I couldn’t have asked GOD for more. M70 was on my mind some 3 years ago, I made several attempts to attain my benchmark weight (of 70Kgs) though all my previous attempts were short lived and my motivation used to die down. One of the most miraculous and beautiful thing to have happened in my life is the birth of my daughter, my sweet angel. Two month after her birth, I kick started M70 and she was one of my greatest source of inspiration. I thought what kind of example I was to present to my next generation, health wise, personality wise, values wise. Although I had utterly failed  in my earlier attempts to re-tone my body, I decided, no-matter what, I will keep putting my efforts until I fulfill this goal of mine.
Mission 70: What I gained?
1. I have reduced on my habit of Procrastinating: Yes, I have come out of the web of putting off things. I no longer (or to a much lesser extent) feel the fear of failure or results that would not go my way. I am slowly learning to take decision and prioritize my activities and make the timelines for each of them. There is definitely infinite room for development in this area as well and I am still working on that. 
2. I feel interested and happy. Yes, my interest towards talking, reading, making friends, eating, maintaining personal and professional hygiene and there must be several more things that has taken a quantum leap. I feel happy and satisfied from inside.
3. My self motivation has increased. I have been able to influence a few people with my talk, have been able to inspire a few of my co-workers to exercise regularly and even mentored them on their career aspirations. For the first time in my life I am realizing the power of my words.
4. I have done some good work in my work as well, which has brought in a lot of recognition (though no rewards yet, but certainly not far away). My Managers wants to retain me in their projects at any cost, I have a bigger role in bringing more revenue to my organization.
5. I get up earlier compared to a few months back when I could not even think of getting up at 7:30. Now a days, I usually get up by 5:30am to 6:30am.
Today M70 end. Err…Error…The first phase of Mission 70, would better call it this way… the first season (Season 1) of M70 ends today. The good news is that the Season 2 of Mission 70 begins tomorrow. Once again my Goal would be to take my fitness level to the next best level, always competing with my previous (day, hour, moment) self. Past 6 months I had focused on Cardiovascular exercises, Season 2 would be more about weight though without doubt Cardios will be present for a shorter time period. Now, my goal would be to maintain that weight of 70 Kg and build up more muscles and flatten my abdominal area. M70: Season2 would be of 9 months period (Finishing on 31st-Dec-2013). I would come up with more on this in my next post.
 6 months ago I had visioned a slim and toned body. I feel blessed and happy to be owner of one now.
Looking forward for an useful Monday tomorrow and a great week ahead.
Good Night!!
Narendra Gupta